One of the newest art effects to enhance your nails is crackle or shatter nail polish. It’s a simple theory. By applying the innovative new polish over an existing base coat of normal polish you create a stunning crackled or antiqued like effect on your nails. The base coat color shows through the cracks creating… Read More

Natural cuticle oil is quite essential for each and every woman who wants a perfect looking manicure. This oil will not only soften your cuticles, but it’ll also protect your nails from external aggression. This means you do not necessarily have to use nail polish so as to achieve a presentable manicure. You can simply… Read More

Nail oil is a moisturizing product that is applied on nails and cuticles to make them strong and healthy. The oil rehydrates and revitalizes the nails, keeping them healthy. This product is best for people who have cracks on their nails or generally weak nails, as it helps to strengthen and replenish your nails and… Read More

There are various nail polishes that are available today in the market. It is at times very easy for one to choose on the best nail polish to chose. To most people, a nail polish is as good as any other. This cannot be further from the truth. When choosing a nail polish there is… Read More

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